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CNC Vertical Lathe Components

Raasu Tools range of CNC Vertical Lathe Components are available in varied sizes, configurations and specially designed to achieve high productivity. The variety of designs and sizes allows us to create custom vertical lathe solutions capable of meeting any production requirements and needs. Raasu Tools thermo-friendly designs enable the ability to hold tight tolerances and also eliminated the need for separate finishing and grinding operations.

CNC Vertical Lathe Machine:

The vertical lathe is fitted with two turrets which can be simultaneously operated for CNC machining shafts and other chucking parts. While the 1st tool does the roughing operation likewise other tools can follow the roughing tool for finishing the operation. Similarly, a threading or grooving at two different places that can be simultaneously using these two turrets.

CNC Vertical Lathe Components:

Raasu Tools has designed and developed a variety of CNC vertical lathe components to meet diverse market demands. The CNC vertical lathe components made by Raasu Tools have multiple capabilities and that is suitable for high precision machining, high rigidity, spindles powered by a servo motor, stable rotary hydraulic cylinder are all crucial for constant accuracy and performance.

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