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MIG Welding Components in India

MIG Welding Components in India, Welding is the joining together of two separate metal parts with the used of extremely high heat, which is produced by an electric current or arc. MIG(Metal Inert Gas) welders work by feeding wire and gas simultaneously through a welding machine or gun. The wire and gas are fed continuously because they are consumed continuously by the act of welding. The gas is an inert gas and is used to protect or shield the area being welded from other gases that are present. The gas displaces the air around the weld. Four types of metal contact or transfer exist short-circuiting, pulsed-spray, spray and globular.

MIG Welding Components:

The MIG Components that make up an MIG welding unit such as the power source, control switch, the welding torch (or gun), the wire feed, the electrode or wire source and the gas supply, the torch these all the components come together for welding. The nozzle houses a gas diffuser & a contact tip, which has an opening that allows the electrode(wire) to move out of the gun. Pieces in the torch nozzle must be able to furnish very high levels of heat during the MIG welding process, therefore the components in the nozzle are generally made with molded thermoset plastics, which do not soften.

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