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Strain Gauge Testing Components

Strain Gauge Testing Components is an important part of testing, relating to the experimental stress analysis, failure analysis & field-service testing. Strain gauge testing components helps for finite element model verification and validation. Raasu Tools offers comprehensive range of strain gauge testing equipments for data acquisition and analysis.

Strain Gauge Testing:

Strain Gauge Testing is an important tool for failure investigations. Raasu Tools has experience in manufacturing and supplying of strain gauge testing components including stream, motors, shafts and load bearing components. The electrical resistance of strain gauge technique is based on measuring the variation in electrical resistance undergone by a strain gauge grid, and also that is bonded to the component under stress analysis and subjected to strain. Strain gauge testing device is used to measure strain and estimate load in machines & components. Accelerators can be used to estimate vibration characteristics of components and systems.

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It's test method that makes it possible to measure strain & analyze stress on any material, in an actual operating conditions, even in hostile environments. Call us for more information 08455- 240577 or email mail@rasutoolsltd.com


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