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X-Ray Quality Aluminum Welding

X-Ray Quality Aluminum Welding is one of the experimental welding processes that use a high powered X-Ray source to provide thermal energy that is needed to seal materials. The phrase X-Ray welding additionally has an older and unrelated usage in quality control. It is trusted by the quality control department of a production or manufacturing shop that the welding works by an X-Ray welder would pass an X-Ray inspection. This is often to find the defects like porosity, cracks, concavities, cold laps, slag, tungsten inclusion etc.

X-Ray MIG Welding:

X-Ray MIG Welding is also known as Gas Metal Arc Welding of Aluminum is easily done and it only requires few extra equipments and skills. Aluminum welds very well with MIG and it is used on thicker materials which are in the flat position. If you need to deposit a lot of filler wire in a production driven environment, then X-Ray Quality Aluminum Welding is the right choice for this non-ferrous material. This all depends on the thickness of material which will be welded.

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